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Organized by : Japan Association of Athletics Federations
The Asahi Shimbun
TV Asahi Corporation
Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Supported by : International Association of Athletics Federations
Fukuoka Prefecture
Fukuoka Prefecture Board of Education
Fukuoka City
Fukuoka City Board of Education
The Nikkan Sports Shimbun
Supervised by : Fukuoka Amateur Athletic Association
Date : Sunday, December 4, 2016 (12:10 start)
Course : Fukuoka Asahi International Marathon Course (42.195 km)
Eligibility : Male runners who have met the following standards in an official event of the IAAF or an AIMS certified race from December 1, 2014 through the date of application and to be aged 19 years or older on Race Day.
[A Group]
1) Marathon: under 2 hours 27 minutes
2) 30 km road race: under 1 hour 35 minutes
3) Half-marathon: under 1 hour 05 minutes
[B Group]
1) Marathon: under 2 hours 35 minutes
2) 30 km road race: under 1 hour 45 minutes
3) Half-marathon: under 1 hour 10 minutes
Race Regulations : The Race shall be conducted in accordance to the IAAF/JAAF Competition Rules 2016-2017, IAAF Road Race Label Regulations and regulations defined by the Race.
Entry Fee : JPY10,000 (to be paid in cash on site at the competitor reception)
Application method : Download the application form, enter the necessary items, and send it to the following address:
Fukuoka International Marathon Secretariat
2-1-1 Hakata-ekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City 812-8511, Japan
Tel.: +81-92-411-1137
*Applicants will be notified of the results of the selection process (whether or not they can participate) by the end of October.
Application Period : Thursday, September 1 – Monday, September 26, 2016
Race :
1. The starting line for B Group will be in Ohori Park. (However, some B Group runners may be asked to start in Heiwadai Stadium.)
2. Checkpoints shall close upon the following race times. Traffic control shall be lifted immediately after the closure of respective checkpoints. Late competitors shall not be able to continue the race.
Distance 5km 10km 15km 20km 25km 30km 35km 40km
Race time 19:30 39:00 58:00 1:17:00 1:36:00 1:55:00 2:15:00 2:35:00
3. At each checkpoint, if race officials deem a competitor unable to reach the next checkpoint in time, then the competitor may be mandated to abandon the race.
4. Competitors who do not reach a checkpoint before closing, or those who are mandated to abandon the race shall remove their number bibs and board the pickup vehicle.
5. Only Personal Drinks/Refreshments of A Group competitors shall be collected.
6. During the race, competitors may be stopped at junctions or pedestrian crossings to allow vehicles or pedestrians to cross depending on traffic conditions or in case of emergency. Please follow the official instructions.
Competitor Check-In : Competitor Check-In shall be held from 16:00 - 19:00 on Saturday, December 3 at the Nishitetsu Grand Hotel (2-6-60 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, TEL: 092-771-7171)
Awards : After the race has finished, awards will be given to the top eight finishers.

Personal Information Policy

1. The sponsors and cosponsors will observe the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws, ordinances, etc. in their handling of personal information. Please note, however, that acquired personal information will be used for race management, including determination of eligibility, editing and production of the official program, record announcements, and the official website, as well as necessary liaison with the IAAF, etc. It may also be used for the purpose of media reporting by sponsoring and supporting organizations, etc. and for the supply of services by cosponsoring, cooperating, and related organizations, etc.
2. The race may be broadcast on television and on the Internet via video.
3. The use of images of the race by third parties without the permission of the sponsors and cosponsors is prohibited (including the distribution of images and videos on the Internet).
4. Images of the race, photos, articles, personal records, etc. may be used by the sponsors, cosponsors, and third parties approved by the sponsors and cosponsors for PR purposes, etc. in the program, poster, and other PR materials for the race and in such media as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet.
Other :
1. Competitors should be sure to receive a health check by a medical doctor beforehand. The organizers will provide first-aid treatment in the case of an accident occurring during the race, etc., but will accept no liability after that.
2. Course inspection will take place from 13:00 on Saturday, December 3. Competitors who wish to take part should indicate accordingly on the application form.
3. Doping control will be conducted in accordance with the anti-doping rules and regulations of the IAAF and the Japan Anti-Doping Code. Urine or blood samples (or both) will be taken in doping tests carried out before or after the race. Requested competitors must follow instructions and undergo the test. This applies also to competitors who are not registered with the JAAF.
If you are subject to a doping test at the time of the race, you will need to show an ID certificate with photo, so please bring along a student ID card, employee ID card, driverfs license, or copy of passport with clear photo.
4. If a competitor has to use a prohibited substance or prohibited method stipulated in the prohibited list of the International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions for medical reasons, that competitor must submit a TUE application. For details, see the website of the JAAF Medical Committee ( or the Japan Anti-Doping Agency (
5. The size of trademarks on clothing of competitors and items carried by competitors into the stadium (including the training space) must comply with the regulations concerning advertising and exhibited items of this event.

Under-20 competitors must acquire the written consent of a parent or guardian to undergo doping tests.

The World Anti-Doping Code, International Standard, and Japan Anti-Doping Code have been revised, and since January 1, 2015, competitors under 20 years of age, when participating in an event, are required to obtain the written consent of a parent or guardian to undergo doping tests.

Unde-20 competitors participating in this event must carefully read the consent form, get it signed or sealed by a parent or guardian, bring the original to the event, and carry it with them. The consent form can be downloaded from the following:
(b) If an under-20 competitor is requested to undergo a doping test, he must submit the original consent form to the national federation representative (NFR) in the doping test room. Under-20 competitors only submit the form once. If an under-20 competitor is selected for another doping test after submitting the form, he should inform the NFR that the form has already been submitted. A test can be taken at the venue without submission of the original, but in that case the original must be submitted to the JAAF Secretariat within seven days after the test.
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